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Trusting Blindness, by Thad Nodine

A short nonfiction piece about my grandfather, blindness, and faith (in 700 words!) — published by phren-Z, an online literary magazine in summer 2012.


Go First, by Thad Nodine

This novel excerpt was published in Red Wheelbarrow magazine, autumn 2011.


Writing in education policy

I partner with teams of policy makers, practitioners, and researchers to examine and advance strategies that can help more students, particularly low-income students, attain higher levels of education. Currently, my work focuses on improving college readiness in high school and increasing completion rates in community college. Recent publications include



The privacy of Love, Chapter 1

An excerpt published by Quarry West in 1999, from a previous novel manuscript

In the half-light of a waning day, Bill Miner burst into his backyard all vigor, all bluster. He stormed toward the fence that separated his and Manny Flores’ lots, cursing his neighbor, his neighbor’s house, the whole squalid neighborhood. Jumping, balancing, Miner cavorted around and across an expanse of mud onto a low crossbar of his side fence, draping his arms over the fencetop to counter the bulk of his belly. The fence dipped toward Manny’s yard and swayed back toward his own once, twice, so that the disquiet of Miner’s disequilibrium remained even after the fence stood still. He considered that perhaps the man’s rage was spent, yet still he gawked at his… more




Detecting Community: Joseph McCarthy, the Detective Form, and Recent American Fiction

A dissertation in literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz

By Thad Nodine




Many studies have traced the popularity of science fiction, western, and detective movies in the 1950s to Cold War tensions and paranoia. In exploring the ways popular movies exploit political rhetoric, however, these studies have overlooked the extent to which political language exploits popular genres… more





Horror flicks, western shootouts, and espionage thrillers captivated theatre and television audiences in the 1950s. People flocked to the movies to see The Thing, It Came from Beneath the Sea, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, The Fly, and Creature from the Black Lagoon. Similarly, serials such as “Gunsmoke,” “The Rifleman,” and “I Led Three Lives” were some of the most popular… more